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For architects who are ready to make their mark (In thick, permanent marker; not HB)




A valuable skill; a creative flair and a unique ability to add value to your clients' lives. You've got years of training, negotiation skills, multi-tasking prowess, eagle-like attention to detail and a border-line unhealthy commitment to your work.

If more people knew that, you'd have a steady stream of incredible clients desperate to work with you. And only you.

So, how do you tell the world about your superpower?

The same way any superhero does. By telling a blockbuster story. The kind of story that gets people off their bums, wallet in hand, eager to experience.

Here at Lunchbox Archimedia, telling stories is what we do best. So, let us craft what you do best into a captivating story, so you can do more of your best work.


Because telling a remarkable story is how you make your mark. And your story is longing to be told.


Hot off the keyboard…

Let’s do lunch

Fridays don't need to be a punish. Here at Lunchbox Archimedia, we celebrate the end of another busy week with a long lunch, a cheeky rosé and a chat with an architect.

And we've got a spot at the table with your name on it.

Join the list even if you're not based in Melbourne. We could be coming to your area soon. Or, failing that, we'll have a virtual lunch (it's just as much fun, with none of the calories).


Meet Brodie

BPD (Arch), MArch, RAIA (Grad)

I'm Brodie. I adore cheese, can't say no to a full-bodied Shiraz and I'm low-key obsessed with houses. And architecture in general, for that matter.

That's why I studied it. Why I write about amazing houses built on tight budgets at Lunchbox Architect and why I run Lunchbox Archimedia, to promote architects and help you attract more clients using the power of... words (and other magic).

Despite my youthful looks, I've been professionally writing words about architecture on the interwebs for 10 years now. That's a lifetime in internet years. So with a lifetime's experience and, at last count, 467,438 words under my proverbial belt (and the need to keep loosening that buckle), I'm ready to help you tell the story behind your work and attract the perfect clients.

Become a case-study participant And Save, Biggly.

Get a taste of our new method, Articulate (for Architects) by becoming a case-study participant. it won’t hurt, we promise.




Get Published

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With 45,000 readers a month and over 20,000 followers on social media, being seen on Lunchbox Architect means a whole lot of eyes on your work. And with a large majority of our audience (70%) indicating they're planning on building or renovating in the near future, let's introduce you to your next client.

Over at Lunchbox Architect we're always on the lookout for innovative residential projects. We focus on small-medium sized homes, in Australia and NZ, so if you've got a project you'd like to see published? We want to hear from you...