How to Use Social Media as Tinder for Your Ideal Client

Following the traditional method of dating, you might meet someone through friends or (potentially) get set up on a blind date. This, in the world of wooing potential clients, is equivalent to the referral method.

Now, many architects still swear by the referral method, claiming it's the most effective way to find clients. Granted, as you build up a body of work and a network of previous clients, the referral method is a powerful business generator. But it can be hard to get started using referral alone.

The good thing about the referral method is your friends, family and previous clients probably know you pretty well and would have a good idea whether you and their proposed date would be a good fit. But then again, just because two people are friends doesn't mean they have the same style and values, so a referral from a great client might not lead to another great client. The referral method - which is beginning to sound like a form of contraception the more I say it - is a useful tool, but it's not the best way to create a steady and reliable stream of clients. 

What about those folk who lock eyes with a complete stranger in a bar or cafe, perhaps pluck up the courage to try out a cheesy pickup line, hoping to exchange numbers and continue on from there? That's got to be the wooing clients equivalent of advertising, right? Where you put yourself out there, paying with dollars instead of guts, and hope someone calls? There's always the risk you'll be met with an ice-cold response or an iced-latte to the face - that kind of pushy behaviour can actually put potential clients off. And kind of reeks of desperation.

The good thing about advertising is you expose yourself (hey, not like that, creeper) to a larger pool of potential clients. Then again, you don't just want more clients, you want better clients. This is definitely a situation where quality trumps quantity. Can we just come up with a new word for trump?


How do most romances start these days? Online.

Yep, these days people legit meet their loves on Tinder. On OkCupid, Bumble, or Grindr. Someone, right now, is walking down an aisle of their friends and family, blooms in hand, towards their Tinder swipe. 

BUT, before you start setting up a Tinder profile for your practice, let's think this through... the closest thing to dating apps for Architects to meet clients is social media.

Social media opens you up to millions of eligible clients. It allows you to show your personality, so potential clients can get to know you before they swipe right. Which they will if you follow these few tips to make the most of your social media use:

How do you know which channels to focus on and which are a waste of time?