Practising architecture is a lot like dating...


Okay, okay, bear with me and this odd analogy...

Because, every time you introduce yourself to a stranger, or someone enquires about your services, or visits your website, you're on a first date and you're trying to impress.

Everything you say is either giving your date that fluttery, excited feeling, or it’s leaving them feeling... meh. And we want to make sure this is the start of a long and productive relationship, not an ‘I can't see this working out...’ kind of date.

So, imagine you’re at a swanky dinner with an exciting potential client. You're a bit jittery with first date nerves and you're eager to impress. When your date asks, 'so... what do you do?' What do you say to sound interesting and leave them wanting more? What do you say to make them fall for you?

One thing's for sure, you do not want to say something generic and cliche like, ‘we’re an award-winning, multi-disciplinary architecture studio who undertake projects in residential design, interior design, urban design, institutional design and master planning at various scales.' Because what you're really saying is, 'we'll do pretty much anything you’ll pay us for.’

In this case, being so general, trying to please everyone, is exactly what makes you seem humdrum. Just like everyone else. It's the equivalent of inane small-talk. Pleasant? Yeah... Polite? Sure. But nothing meaningful

And the saddest part is, you're giving the wrong impression.

Because there's a reason you get up every morning and drag yourself into the office, fuelled by coffee. There's a reason you're neck deep in butter paper, trying to find the best version of that floor plan. There's a reason you endured all those years of study, the volatile job market and there's a reason you put in all those long hours of hard, mentally-taxing effort. 

The reason you do all of that is infinitely more interesting than multi-freaking-disciplinary (which, for what it's worth, is a phrase that's on our shit list). That reason reveals the passion in what you do. And passion is alluring.

What is it about architecture that excites you? What could you talk about all day? What do you love about what you do? Let's call it your spark for want of a better word.

Any good date needs a spark.

Whatever your spark, we're going to hone in and talk about it more as we primp and preen your business over the next few weeks. We'll use it to ensure clients fall madly, insanely in love with you. It'll make them seek you out, desperate to work with you. And it'll put an end to negotiation and hesitation over your rate, because when you love what someone does - when there's a spark - you don't need to be the cheapest…