The 6 Simple Steps to an Infinite Supply of Client-attracting Article Ideas

Your date's going fine. You're making pleasant small talk. They're smiling. You're smiling. You're both laughing occasionally and, to be honest, they seem kind of into you. Then, your mind goes blank and you can't think of a single thing to say next. You're completely frozen, staring at the air-conditioning grate overhead to avoid making eye contact. The scream of silence is deafening, your hands have taken a bath in tepid water and you can feel the heat creeping up your face as you turn a gaudy shade of beetroot. Your date's not helping you out, either. Sitting over there blank-faced (you assume; too shy; haven't looked) and temporarily mute, too.

'So... yeah... um...' you stammer.

This is the worst thing in the world (except for rabies and slow walkers): Awkward silence.

We've discussed a great way to get potential clients to visit your website that also helps them build trust and, may I say, makes you look quite smart and fetching to boot: 

Create great content that teaches people.

But that content beast is hungry. And sometimes it can be hard to find new ideas for articles (or whatever kind of content you've decided to create).

Lucky for you, today I'm going to share a step-by-step process to collect a virtually infinite supply of great article ideas to keep the conversation flowing between you and your potential clients, so you'll never be lost for words.

Because beetroot is great in burgers, but not a desirable skin tone.