The Pickup Line that Guarantees a Long-term Relationship with Potential Clients

You've been making eyes across the room with a potential client all night (and, by eyes I mean, they've landed on your website, had a click around and like what they see). But wait, they're heading for the door (and, by door I mean, their mouse is hovering dangerously close to the 'X', ready to close your tab). If they leave now, there's very little chance you'll see or hear from them again. Because, if they're anything like me, they have close to 100 tabs open at any one time and a brain which lacks the capacity to remember what they just got up for, let alone the website they visited last week, no matter how much they like you. 

Do NOT let them leave before you get their number (or, in this case, their email address) or they'll be gone for good!

Over time, you'll collect a lot of email addresses and you'll be able to contact your email list whenever you like. Don't worry, we'll discuss plenty of good reasons to contact your email list down the track. But for now, consider this list your little black book of interested people who like what you do and are probably thinking about hiring an architect at some point. Having this list is an invaluable asset for your business and you can nurture it in times of plenty and draw on it in times of need.

Even if you're not the type to sidle up to the stranger you've been staring at all evening and confidently ask, 'hey, can I get your number?', doing it online is a lot easier. 

You just need a good pickup line...