The Secrets of Charm and Charisma to Guarantee Success with Your Ideal Client

I've seen enough episodes of Project Runway to know when Heidi Klum walks into a room, she immediately takes the spotlight; everyone is transfixed. She's beautiful, of course, but there's more to her appeal than good looks. It's as if, seconds before walking through the door, she's dabbed her pulse points with the most incredible perfume. The scent enters before her, filling the room with an intoxicating aroma. It dazzles senses and demands attention, causing people to forget what they were saying mid-sentence and turn to see where... who this glorious scent is coming from.

All charming people share this intoxicating effect. But what secrets do the Heidi Klums, the Hugh Jackmans and the Eric Banas of the world know while the rest of us are in the dark? What is this voodoo magic, Heidi?! And how can we use charm to woo and win clients?

It's not just beauty, or oodles of money or even an actual scent (sadly there's no 'charm' pheromone you can pick up at the department store). But there are four qualities we can borrow when wooing potential clients; qualities that will help us charm our way to success...

Brodie NorrisComment