Architecture is a lot like dating


For one, it takes time to build trust and win a client over. You might have a first date with a potential client, but then they ghost you, never to be heard from again. Then there’s the clients that you fall for, but as the project drags on, you realise you’re construction drawings-deep in a toxic relationship. And at that point it’s a little hard to back out…

Because, if those initial few dates do work out, you’re likely to be together (professionally) for at least a couple of years. That’s long-term relationship territory. So, what if I told you there’s a couple of key ways you can make the right clients fall head over heels for you and turn a ‘hmm… we’re not ready to commit just yet’ into a Client Architect Agreement signed with a kiss?

Introducing How to Woo (and Win) New Clients, a 10-part email series where you'll discover:

  • How to make clients chase you, rather than the other way around

  • The simple tweak to your website that can create a stream of clients you can rely on in times of drought. (No website? Don't worry, we’ll get that sorted, too)

  • A trick to writing a professional bio that will attract the right clients, without making you blush (or sound like a skeezy used car salesman)

  • How to use social media the right way (which channels to focus on and which ones will just waste your time)

  • A way to describe your projects that will leave potential clients swooning

  • An architectural photographer's advice to make your photographs stand out

  • The surprisingly easy technique to get the big-name publications to feature your work

  • How to un-bamboozle SEO so you can either DIY, or know when you're being ripped off

  • And so much more!